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I was born in London but now live in the beautiful county of Somerset not far from the mystical town of Glastonbury, home to so many legends, a truly inspiring area.

I am a self taught Artist and Photographer. I don't have any preferred medium but at the moment, I mainly paint in acrylic but also love the immediacy of pastels and their depth of colour. My paintings start with a thought which just seems to appear from nowhere, which I get excited about and then think about a lot (too long) before I begin painting. My photography (like my painting) is also purely inspirational, I just love seeing something unexpected that shouts out to me and capturing that "moment in time" with my camera.

I enjoy making digital collages of my original art work and photographs and time seems to stand still whilst working on the computer. I love books and so words sometimes find their way into my paintings and photographs, every painting and photograph I create, I feel tells it's own story, my story and the viewers.

Over the years images, ideas and words constantly kept filling my head, I had no concept of what to do with them and for far too long I chose to ignore them. Finally, I am really excited as I have decided to allow them to live and breathe in my art.

Thank you for looking at my gallery.

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Snowy Heart For Christmas by Linda Prewer


Summerlands Setting Sun by Linda Prewer


Through The Flowers by Linda Prewer


Roses for you by Linda Prewer


View from the Village by Linda Prewer


Ducks a Dabbling by Linda Prewer


Hearts Galore by Linda Prewer


Sunset Over The Adriatic by Linda Prewer


Green Man on Bodhran by Linda Prewer


Swanning in Violet by Linda Prewer


City Bound by Linda Prewer


Misty Alicante by Linda Prewer


Over The Hedge by Linda Prewer


The Bridge To Knowledge by Linda Prewer


Worry Not by Linda Prewer


Diminishing Worries by Linda Prewer


Serenity Sea by Linda Prewer


Unlock Your Heart by Linda Prewer


Hygeia by Linda Prewer


Be Happy by Linda Prewer


Abundant Happiness by Linda Prewer